Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

– Made of Ultra Soft Microfiber
– Adjustable size
– Deet Free 100% Natural
– Comes in 5 Colors
– Special sealed aluminum packaging

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100% Quality Made

We are confident in our products so if you dont thrilled with your mosquito bracelets Let us know, send them back within 30 days, and we’ll refund your purchase price.

Get Rid of Them!

Did you know that mosquito is the most dangerous animal? About 3 million people die as a result of a mosquito bite every year. So we’ve created the natural bracelets for everyone to provide protection for everyone.

Free Bonus

Buy our mosquito repellent band and get ours mosquito repellent patches (6 pack) for additional protection of 72 hours for each – Just put the patches on your clothing.

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Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

These are just amazing. They are a cloth like band that are extremely soft. They are easy to put on. The smell is great too. They smell like citronella. You dont have to worry about harsh chemicals on you or the kids because they are all natural. I can see myself buying more of these in the future. I wear them when I am gardening to keep away misquitos and when I am fishing. My boys love the stickers that are included and they work just as awesome. I could see these being a good idea for campers and hikers or heck any outdoors activity. These are going to be my new go to misquito repellants.

I got the MosquitoStation Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets for the July 4th Holiday. I knew we would be out side most of the evening and being in Central Florida, Mosquitos are so bad they will pack you off, if you aren’t prepared. We had 5 bands all in different colors. This worked great so that each kid got to pick the color they wanted to wear. The “one size fits all” is great. This provides no worries about will it fit. Simply put the band around your wrist, adjust it to a size that is comfortable and snap it into place. while the odor from the bands is a bit strong at first, I must say, they are WONDERFUL. They worked great. Not a single person got bit by mosquitos and we were not even annoyed by no-see ems all night long. After we came in from being outside about 4 hours, I sealed all our bands in a zip lock bag and kept them on the counter. The next night we were outside again and we all put our bands on for a second night. they still worked great! We had friends over and gave them the stickers that were in the package and they had no mosquito bites either. These things are great and i recommend them with 5 stars.

Got a chance to try these bands out while hiking in a state Park this weekend. First of all taking them out of the package they have a very nice lemony citrus type smell which is very nice, much better smell then the sprays. They fit on my wrists just fine. Now to the most important part, the mosquito bites. We hiked for about 5 miles of both woods and meadows. My wife and I were well protected and and no bites. The bands worked great and I highly recommend them. You can also but them back in the package to reuse again. They also come with some smiley repellent patches that you are suppose to put on your clothes to stop mosquito bites as well.

About Us

Why you’ll love our bracelets

Not applied directly on your skin:

Creams, sprays, and lotions leave residue on your skin, and can leave you feeling icky. That’s no way to spend a day outside. MosquitoStation is made of ultra soft microfiber, and won’t give you that sticky, messy feeling.

It’s instant protection!

Grab an MosquitoStation, and you’re done. No spraying or rubbing in bug repellent. Perfect for anything outdoors and for every one. Adjustable size so one size fits all


MosquitoStation lasts for over a 125 hours and comes in a special aluminum packaging is sealed to maintain product life. Store it inside its resealable pouch while not in use, and just take it out when you need it.

Bracelets in a variety of colors:

Especially for you we have integrated a number of colors so that everyone will have the opportunity to choose their favorite color. The colors included:Orange,Yellow,Green Blue and Purple.

The secret ingredient that makes MosquitoStation

effective in repelling mosquitoes – Geraniol
MosquitoStation is infused with Geraniol, an all-natural ingredient
derived from Geranium plants. Geraniol has been studied and proven to
be more effective than citronella in repelling mosquitoes (and it repels
other insects, too!)
There’s even some research that shows it may just be as effective as
DEET. Geraniol works by disorienting mosquitoes so you appear almost
invisible to them

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